Welcome to Global Drums Gathering!

We are a organisation that is focussing on healing the world with love, light, intention and vibration.
Our mission is to create a worldwide large network of shamanic drummers to unite our forces together as one and to lay the foundation of the New World Tribe.
The more people from different places and countries are joining us, the more powerful we will be.

Sunday March 20, 2022 (Vernal Equinox) multiple ceremonies of women and men will be organized around the world, creating a powerful unified field of healing.
The purpose of this global grid is to invite the divine masculine and divine feminine to come forward in balance – to help usher in the new earth. Healing the collective, the oneness and healing the wounded divine masculine and the wounded divine feminine. But also in ourselves.

Global Drums Gathering will support this project by creating worldwide drumming circles.
We will drum for healing of the wounded masculine and wounded feminine to come forward in balance and to usher in the new earth.
If you want to create your own drumming circle please contact us at info@globaldrumsgathering.nl and we will help you further.
Global Drums Gathering will start drumming at 11:22 AM, your local time.

For more information about this coming event, please visit:

We are looking for meditationgroups to strenghten the collective field of healing on this day of March 20 2022.
Find out more by contacting us on how to participate.

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Inspirational video for this upcoming event of March 20 2022 below: