After making my own shamanic drum, I got obsessed by it's vibrational sound, when I started to play it, it felt like my own soul was in the drum itself.

The drum is me, like I am the drum, we become a whole.
Years ago I had a dream and in the beginning of this year I had two visions about this event. I dind't know what it meant untill now.
In the month of february of 2021, I was undergoing another Sacred plant medicine ceremony, also known as Mother Ayahuasca.
She has gave me alot of 'downloads' from the Source, the Source of all life. While this was happening, I felt a shaman standing next to me, I openend my eyes and did not see a shaman, but he was there, energetically. I could hear him, chanting, like he was updating my soul. I became a new individual, a new human being.

After this, the drum journey started, guided by Spirit and the heart.
A few weeks later, we got invited to play in a drumming ceremony in Amsterdam, to raise consiousness for the people among us and to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth.
There was someone I knew that showed me a prophecy about what would happen if 8000 drums play together at the same time.
So I got inspired and obsessed by this prophecy and decided to organise such a event on a global scale.

I would like to inform you that we have reach the keeper of this prophecy.
He will support us in spirit.
This event is not the same as the original 8000 drums event.
This is a new non-commercial event. I got my inspiration from the Otomi Tribe.
That's why I want to honour the keeper of this prophecy and give him all of my respect, thank you.

We are the ones we have been waiting for,

Dennis Vessies
Founder of globaldrumsgathering.nl