8-8-21 11:11 (AM) is our first worldwide shamanic drumming day and it's the opening of the Lion's Gate as well.
A time when energies are supercharged, infinite abundance and a time to create.
8-8-21 = 21 (world in tarot) = 3 Mother Gaia, Earth, the Empress, the Goddess.
Moon opposite Saturn and the Moon squares Uranus.

8-8-21 will also be the start and preparation for the drumming date of 23-10-21. In cooperation with http://www.1000goddesses.net/
So we have a total of two drumming dates for the year of 2021.

It is alot of work to organize this because of the COVID rules we are facing this moment, so we can't organize a big event at one place, that's why we need smaller groups in every country around the globe.

Drum ceremonies are sacred but it is time to show ourselves so that's why there will be different live facebook streams and drone recordings to capture the nicest pictures of this event in the Netherlands.
Every country, no matter what timezone it is, will start drumming at 11:11 (AM).
Pow Wow, djembe's, didgeridoo's, rattles and light language are more then welcome to support the shamanic drums.

If you live in one of the countries below that hasn't a Facebook event and you want to know the location of the drumming ceremony you can send me a e-mail and, if you are interested to sign up for this global event to support your own country or to support the organizing member in your country, please send me a e-mail.
Click on the menu and press "Contact us".

The following countries next to the Netherlands are available to support this project:

Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria,
Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary,
New-Zealand, Peru, United States of America, United Kingdom,
Russia, Ireland, Kenya, Slovenia,
Egypt, Mexico, Denmark

The registerd drumming locations and countries will be signed up as a Facebook event.

Drumming location of Australia: https://fb.me/e/NWAwLLmo
Drumming location of Belgium: https://fb.me/e/2nZrt0DFb
Drumming location of Mexico: https://fb.me/e/1POQ7dbAf

Drumming locations of the Netherlands:
* Zwolle (Overijssel) - https://fb.me/e/yZDRFcX9
* Holwerd (Friesland) -  https://fb.me/e/PauyV62z
* Warns (Friesland) -  https://fb.me/e/RI3Vj1Ct
* Groningen (Groningen) -  https://fb.me/e/1sd8Owit4
* Beneden-Leeuwen (Gelderland) -  https://fb.me/e/R1qj8BG4
* De Heurne (Gelderland, achterhoek) -  https://fb.me/e/1lFpaocrr
* Schoorl, Hargen aan Zee (beach, Noord-Holland) -  https://fb.me/e/1HPN5gHMo
* Castricum aan Zee (beach, Noord-Holland) -  https://fb.me/e/10vgVdUpW
* Zandvoort aan Zee (beach, Noord-Holland) - https://fb.me/e/54MLH71KC
* Scheveningen (beach, Zuid-Holland) -  https://fb.me/e/1iKm5N8ci
* Hellevoetsluis (Zuid-Holland) -  https://fb.me/e/LBoxzYCS
* Wolphaartsdijk (Zeeland) -  https://fb.me/e/1ibDALClb
* Jabeek (Zuid-Limburg) -  https://fb.me/e/16PZZVbtd

Will be updated soon:
* Papenvoort (Drenthe) -  
* Amsterdam (Noord-Holland) -  
* Helmond (Brabant) -  
* Almere (Flevoland) -