According to a Sacred Prophecy (1521) revealed at the Otomi Ceremonial Center by the Otomi Elder Sages as a Vision of our Venerable Ancestors, the day when the sounds of 8,000 Sacred Drums join together will be the beginning of the healing of Mother Earth, of all the species and the human family in order to be able to live together on the road to Sacred Peace.

It is time to unify ourselves and rediscover all the seeds of the Four Directions in order to reactivate cosmic energy, heal historical wounds and heal Mother Earth by respecting life, liberty and the dignity of our Peoples. The first great ceremony was held March 21, 2004 in Temoaya, Mexico and there will be drum circles joined around the world on the Spring Equinox continuing every year until 2012.

Sacred Principles:
Sealing and healing the wounded vertices of Mother Earth is urgent.
Identifying and activating the Indigenous energy centers at sacred places is our duty.
Planting and strengthening consciousness of love and respect for our Mother Earth is everyone’s work.
The Indigenous ancestral recommendation to create and practice the Grand Culture of Peace and Life is fundamental.
Recognition of the use of the energy and healing properties of our sacred instruments is a principle goal of our Indigenous Mission.

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