Welcome to Global Drums Gathering Official!

We are a new organisation with a lovely crew that is focussing on healing the world with Love, Light, Intention and Vibration.
Our mission is to create a worldwide large network of shamanic drum players to unite our forces together as one.
The more people from different places and countries are joining us, the more powerful we will be.

Our first worldwide drumming circle created by us on august 8th was a succes!
You can find pictures and aftermovie below this page.
Thank you all for supporting this wonderful project!

Feel free to help us by co-create drumming circles in your local area to keep the spirit alive.

Sunday march 20 2022 will be our second Global Drums Gathering in cooperation with a 1000 Goddesses.
In the meanwhile we will take a little sleep till december and after that we will spread our fire to reach as many people as we can.

& We also will renew this website.


You can find the images of our 8-8 event on this two links:

The images of my event:

The images of the event worldwide:


Aftermovie below:

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