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Coming april 7 2024.

Start drumming time 11:33 (AM), your local time zone.

Mission for that day

🌍 Connecting in energy with all the created drum circles.
☄ Connecting to source.
🌊 Expanding consciousness.
đŸ”„ Having fun by celebrating existence.
🌿 Honoring Creator.
đŸ„ Remembering who we truly are.
⚡ Drumming the world back 2 nature!

Now is the time to RISE.


Djembes, rattlesticks & native flutes are welcome!

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Why april 7 2024

Besides the fact we are heading towards the Age of Aquarius and the number 7 is a powerful number and it falls on sunday, there will be a solar eclipse the next day on mo(o)nday april 8 and at the same time a icyÂ đŸ„¶ vulcanic 🌋 COMET ☄ can be seen with the naked eye. It is a comet that is only visible every 71 years. We therefore thought it was a great date to organize this event on april 7 (7+1=8), just one day before these signs in the heavens occur. Big changes are coming!

Global Drums map


To help us stay connected with each other and to see all the events that are happening around the globe on our date, we have created a space for a global map. Through this way people can easily find and connect with drum circles happening in their area. Contact us if you want to add your own event to the map.

Contact & Questions

Our team of drumming men Thomas & Noah are ready to answer you!
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Impression of connecting the drums energy

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Shamanic drum

A shamanic drum is a very powerful and sacred primal instrument that everyone can play and connects us to our own heartbeat rhythm and that of Mother Earth, which helps us to ground in our body. The sound of the drum is a primal language that directs us deeply and takes us on a journey. The drum is made with special materials such as animal skin and a special chosen tree or a tree struck by lightning for example.

About us and our main mission

Global Drums Gathering was found in the Netherlands by Dennis Vessies in march 2021 after he had visions and dreams to create a wave effect with the vibrations of the shamanic drums around the globe with healing intensions for the world and ourselves. He never created a drum circle before and just made his own drum in the beginning of 2021 so it was all hands on deck for him to set this in motion. He has received alot of help from people who crossed his path of which a special thanks of support to the prophecy keeper of the 8000 Drums Thaayrohyadi & Greenlandic shaman Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq.

Our main mission is to connect people around the globe with each other to come together in the synchronized energy of ceremony that we share on our event days. On these days we make music with our (shamanic) drums to support the collective by creating a powerful field of purifying and uplifting energy to make strong energetic changes for a higher consciousness.

Experience the primal power of the drums!


Everything we think comes into existence.
Only think about what you want to come into existence.
How you think creates how you feel, how you feel become an emotion.
That emotion becomes a vibration. That vibration becomes a magnet.


Global Drums Gathering music
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Main aftermovies from our past events

Part 1 - Prayer for Mother Earth
8.8.2021 Lion's Gate

Part 2 - Sacred Balance
3.20.2022 Spring Equinox



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